IOSS EU VAT Scheme & Eu Customs Charges

July 1st 2021 the EU implemented the IOSS EU VAT scheme which means retailers outside of the EU can collect EU VAT at point of sale.

This should eliminate the need for customs duties when receiving orders from an IOSS registered seller and market places like Amazon, eBay, Bandcamp etc. Sadly there is still teething problems with the new system in some EU states and customers have experienced that that they have been asked to pay customs duties.  

If you are being asked to pay customs duties there are two options. 1. don't pay and the order will be returned for a full refund or 2. you can pay the customs duties and we will refund the EU VAT that we collected on our end. 

Complaining to customs and documenting that EU VAT has already been collected has turned out to be a waste of time. 

We believe, or hope is maybe a better word, that these issues will be sorted out soon because when this system works it will be a great thing. 

The best option at the moment is to use Fedex. There has hardly been any issues with customs when Fedex has been used. We currently offer free shipping with Fedex on orders over £100.