Mint™ is brought to you by UK-based record label Fuzz Club in partnership with Canada’s Vinyl Storage Solutions. Mint deals with premium archival record sleeves that are 100% recyclable made with food grade virgin resin (no recycled content), non-toxic, PVC-free, crystal-clear and of the highest quality – all designed with your dearly-cherished record collection in mind. 

In an industry awash with them, these sleeves are far from cheaply-produced products. The man behind the sleeves, Mike Sarazin, spent 15 years in the Canadian Army as a combat engineer and also has over 25 years' worth of experience in the manufacturing sector working across a vast array of products and processes. As an avid record collector, in 2018 Mike set up Vinyl Storage Solutions in his garage and turned his attention to developing the best sleeves on the market for vinyl lovers looking to safely and securely store their valuable collections.

Fast forward to today and the patented dual pocket sleeves and overall quality of the VSS sleeves have become hugely popular in the vinyl community and the business has grown exponentially – with pretty much every vinyl YouTuber raving about the sleeves, over 2 million sleeves sold in 2021 alone and Mike receiving 1000s of emails and phone calls over the last few years from many a thankful collector. Set to expand in 2022, VSS and Fuzz Club have now agreed a European license for the sleeves which will now be sold exclusively under the Mint™ brand in Europe.

As record collectors, everyone at the label and shop was blown away by the quality of the VSS sleeves. Not only do the crystal-clear sleeves look better on the shelf but they offer far superior protection to anything else out there – particularly against seam splits, which have become an all too common problem keeping record collectors up at night. For more info on how exactly our sleeves will prolong the life of your records better than anything else – and not actively harm them over time like the majority of sleeves on the market – head here

The ‘mint’ in our name doesn’t just refer to the condition the sleeves will keep your records in but was also chosen out of an awareness of the need to be green in this endeavour. This is something Mike has put at the forefront of Vinyl Storage Solutions since its inception. As well as being 100% recyclable, PVC-free and non-toxic, all materials used in manufacturing (aside from the inner sleeves) are short-travelled and sourced from the US and Canada. 

These sleeves are an end-product designed to protect your records over decades and as such are a far better solution than shrink-wrap, which really is something we all need to stop using. So for us as a record label and broker, we want our releases to be packaged in the dual pocket sleeves at the manufacturing stage so we can not only prevent sleeves from damage in transit but also limit waste by doing away with shrink wrap. Therefore, Mint’s mission will also include looking to supply pressing plants directly in order to make this option available to record labels such as our own at the manufacturing stage.