13" Dual Pocket Outer Sleeve
Dual Pocket Premium Record Sleeve Vinyl storage Solution VSS Mint
13" Dual Pocket Outer Sleeve
Dual Pocket Premium Record Sleeve Vinyl storage Solution VSS Mint

13" Dual Pocket Outer Sleeve

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The storage pocket of the sleeve will be 13" x 13". This is for those very large gate-fold albums (like Mofi/Blue Notes/Tone Poets) and very narrow box sets approx. 3/8" thick, appearing on the market lately.

Cast film is usually used in applications that require superior optical properties such as gloss, transparency, surface smoothness, and good tear resistance.

Are they a little pricey compared to other low cost sleeves? Yes, but they are a true premium product to protect your expensive, irreplaceable record collection for years to come. No other product will give you this amazing clarity.

Environmentally inert. 100% recyclable.
Acid free. Contains no PVC.
Highly non-polar.
Excellent optics. Highly reflective.
Moderate WVTR (water vapor transmission rate) barrier against moisture and odours.
High resistance to acids, alkaline, grease and oil.
Exceptional resistance to corrosive chemicals.
Exceptional toughness, wear and abrasion resistance.
Natural living hinge properties, Fold won’t easily crack or crinkle.
Passes the P. A. T. test for no photographic enclosure reactivity. Typically used for high-end photo albums, sports cards and DVD’s.

Measurements, approx. 13 inches x 13 inches

Strong 1/16” seams.

Made in Canada with Canadian and American made film. Pure polypropylene resin, no recycle contents, no questionable off shore material.

With this design, there is only 2 seams, 1 on each side.

Fits all single albums, double gate-fold albums and triple gate-fold albums. The record pocket can hold more then 1 record. Please use inner sleeves.



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Canada 3,035,927

Reg’d GB6207928

Europe 009026081

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